The island at the crossroads of Asia

Early man arrived in Sumatra more than a million years ago. And you can be sure of a warm welcome when you follow his lead.

The fifth largest island in the world, Sumatra, like Indonesia as a whole has an incredibly diverse range of peoples and cultures. Importantly, good roads now connect most areas making travelling around this huge island easier than ever before.

Vibrant bustling cities are cheek by jowl with vast impenetrable jungles, advanced technology exists side by side with primitive lifestyles. The result is a country which even the most jaded traveller finds totally captivating.

Sumatra's natural resources are vast, and despite its long history of habitation, it's a land where tigers, elephants and rhinos still roam, and where your wake-up call is the "Song of Siamang" the morning call of the largest Gibbon of

In Sumatra you'll also be following in the footsteps of Marco Polo who stopped over in Aceh at the north western end of Sumatra during his journey from China to Persia.

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